About Us

“Relyef Transport” LLC was founded in 2017. The company offers international shipping services. Thanks to the wide range of our car fleet and gained experience, we have been able to provide our services globally and to operate in Turkey, Russia and CIS countries. We carry a wide range of goods internationally: mechanical cargo, containers, construction materials, raw materials and other goods. With our vehicles that meet Euro 5 standards and our excellent performance at any time, we are in service with our professional staff !!!


Warehousing service

International cargo transportation

- Container loads up to 40 ft
- Dangerous Goods Transportation (ADR)
- Transportation of bulk cargo from above, side and rear (24tn, 92m3, 105m3)

Assistance in customs documentation

  • MAN TGA 18.480 2008 semi-trailer Schmitz tent 92m3
  • MAN TGA 18.440 2009 semi-trailer Schmitz tent 92m3
  • MAN TGA 18.440 2010 semi-trailer Schmitz tent 92m3
  • MB Actros 18.440 2011 semi-trailer Mega 105m3
  • DAF XF 105 460 2008 semi-trailer Schmitz tent 92m3
Contact Us

Shafayat Mehdiyev street 93, Baku, Azerbaijan